Social Networking, Conquering the digital divide...

Over the past few years we have seen numerous types of social networks being created and utilized by millions of people worldwide. Technologies are constantly being updated and replaced and our knowledge is being outdated at an alarming rate. It is our responsibility to become familiar with modern technologies and networking tools to give our generation the best possible chance at success. Times have changed drastically in the past twenty years due to technology. Technology now allows us to contact or find anything in the world at our fingertips. Modern computers and smart phones perform unbelievable tasks that were unheard of just a few years ago. The constant development of programs and software allow people, communities, businesses and much more to function more successful and efficient.


Knowing how to use social networking tools such as facebook are a necessity in today's world. It not only gives you an advantage over those who don't know how to use it but also creates a network of people for you communicate with. Now more than ever it is important to know people. Building a personal network is very important today especially in the business world. The more people you know the more you have to offer to a larger amount of people. Today, we achieve success by bringing value to others and standing by our principals. Knowing how to use social networking tools will help you expand your network and enter places you didn't think possibly.


We all need to take advantage of the technologies we are given. We are fortunate enough to live in a country where we have access to just about anything. The majority of us have the ability to overcome the technological divide. Our generation is going to become more dependent on technologies than our parents and we must start to utilize what is available to us now. The more we know the more value we bring which in returns allows you the opportunity to be successful.

45-3 It's a hardknock life.

This past Monday December 6, 2010 the New England Patriots and the New York Jets faced off in a battle of the AFC Division leaders. The hype behind the game was tremendous as predicted but the score was nowhere near. Both teams were tied for the division lead at 9-2 and the rivalry between the two teams was at an all time high. Since the hit HBO show Hard knocks the Jets have been recognized as a powerhouse not just in the AFC but the NFL. Since this past Monday they have held that reputation. The bad boys in New York were out for blood this season and have performed likewise.


On Monday, the New York Jets were anything but a powerhouse and found out that life is full of hard knocks. The 45-3 loss to the rival New England Patriots was embarrassing to watch. Granted that any given Sunday anything can happen on the grid iron, the Jets did not play like a 9-2 team or even a division contender. Mark Sanchez was 17/33 with 164 yards, no TDs and 3 Interceptions. Meanwhile, Tom Brady was 21/29 with 326 yards and 4 TDs. The Jets are a good team with a good quarterback but the Patriots are a great team with possibly the greatest quarterback in the game. A team is only as good as it's leaders and the Patriots may be lacking veterans but where they lack they make up with in Tom Brady.


Many projected the Jets to be better than the Patriots during pre-season polls because they have traded away all their talent for young, up and coming prospects, which in return, have been the main factor in the success of the Patriots this season. With pick-ups like Danny Woodhead, Jeremy Hernandez, Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis and many other young talents, the Patriots have silenced the critics and proved their value on the field. The reason why the Patriots are and will continue to be successful is due to the leadership and discipline of everyone on the team. They don't buy into the hype and stick to business. They have one common goal among them, a Championship.

Lebron returns home..

This may be the most anticipated return home for any athlete in the history of sports. The return of Lebron James to Cleavland has been building up since there has been rumor of him leaving the Cavilers after last season. Tonight at 8pm Lebrons new team the Miami Heat will face the Cleavland Cavilers in Cleavland. Lebron will receive anything but a warm welcome back from his former followers. During my life of watching and playing sports I have never seen anyone do what James did to the Cavilers. If it wasn't bad enough that James couldn't bring a championship to Ohio but to nationally televise "The Decision" of where he will play next is a slap in the face to the fans and organization. It shows what little respect James has for his former team.


If it wasn't bad enough he had to be in the spotlight to announce his decision for this NBA season, the way he handled the criticism after the decision is mind boggling. Instead of addressing the public James and Nike put out an ad to answer for James.


Don't get me wrong, Lebron is one of the best players to ever play the game but his ability to not win championships puts him in a lesser light. In defense of James, he came into the league at 18 years old. Most kids are still in high school dealing with girl problems and homework. James has lived a very stressful life filled with the highest expectations put on him by his followers. We are the ones who started comparing him to Michael Jordan and when he doesn't perform to expectation we don't hesitate to criticize. Ultimately, his decision to play for another team isn't what tainted his reputation in Cleavland rather how he went about his departure. Lebron will go down as one of the best and maybe the greatest if he can bring home some rings.

Ride the Lightning!!

Whipped lightning is the most recent alcoholic experiment that has been recently released in Florida. This past Monday, the popular drink Four Loco was banned from stores. Whipped lightning didn't take long to replace the trend. If it isn't bad enough that people use whipped cream cans to get a high we incorporated alcohol into the mix. It absolutely astonishes me that we allow products like Four Loco and Whipped lightning to released into the market for public use. Are there no regulations behind this? If they clear a product for public use wouldn't you think it would stay on the shelves for more than a few weeks if it were safe? If not, how and why was it cleared in the first place?


We all know stories of people doing whip hits out of the cans so why would some company incorporate alcohol into that equation? Has it really come to the point where we choose profit over the health and safety of our families and friends? I will be surprised if this product stays on the market longer than a month. Someone is either going to be killed or seriously injured due to this product it is just a matter of time. Doing a whip hit is bad enough imagine a 30 proof whip hit. We are making dangerous products readily available for basically anyone to consume. We need to start to be more responsible as a society and regulate bad ideas such as this.

Randy being Randy??...

As the majority of us know, Randy Moss was recently traded to the Vikings by the New England Patriots for a third round pick. After playing just four games Moss caught 14 balls for 174 yards and two touchdowns for the Vikings. In those four games the Vikings have gone 1-3 including a loss to the New England Patriots this past Sunday.

The past few years for Moss have seen many ups and downs. Since 2000 he has played for four different teams and is currently on the waiver list. Up until 2007, Moss was the modern day TO. He would find himself the center of attention with his crazy antics and bad boy attitude. Once he was signed by the Patriots in 2007, the biggest complaint we heard of moss was him wearing headphones at a fundraiser or thinking that the Patriots didn't appreciate his talent. Randy Moss is one of the most talented receivers to ever play this game. At 33 years old he still has the ability to stretch the field and force double coverage which opens up the running game and other passing options.

Randy has all the talent in the world and knows how to play the game but even he knows you are only as good as your coaches. Following the loss to his former team, Moss addressed the media and praised the New England Patriots players and most importantly their extraordinary coaching staff.


For anyone who watched the game vs the Patriots, many of us noticed the lack of hustle and desire from Moss that we saw during his years as a Patriot. When Moss joined the team in 2007, many people felt that he was on his way down. We picked him up real cheap but little did we know he would help lead Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to a super bowl.

Randy made a huge statement to his present and former team last Sunday. When Moss ran a fade route late in the game and gave up on an easy touchdown catch due to a pass interference call, you knew where his heart still was. It was with the New England Patriots players, fans and coaches. His press conference easily backed up his actions.

Tosh.Ohhh it's about time..

If Daniel Tosh isn't the smartest person alive I would like to know who is? Daniel, a native of West Germany and successful comedian, is the star host of the hit show Tosh.O on Comedy Central. The show has been airing for two seasons and shows no sighs of slowing down. It is compiled of hilarious video clips found on the internet or sent in by viewers. He than tears each video apart with his own jokes and skits. With such a large selection of videos found on the internet, this show has sparked a revolution of new jokes and pranks.


The amazing thing is how people continue to make and post videos humiliating themselves. What really blows my mind is how no one had thought of this brilliant idea until now. With millions of videos swarming the internet, Daniel has all the ammo he needs for many seasons to come. Although, he does suggest you don't try any of the pranks or stunts, if you choose to, he highly encourages you to video tape it. On occasion, people just video tape themselves doing very dumb things. This next video is a prime example.


I would personally like to thank all the fools out there who find enjoyment in videotaping themselves inflict pain on themselves or friends. You are the provider for my entertainment and for that I thank you.

Mario Kart Maddness..

In 1993 Nintendo introduced a game that would forever change the lives of millions of people. The hype and excitement surrounding the release of this game was minuscule. People had no idea that this simple, childish game would start a legacy and lifestyle that continues to grow today. For nearly 20 years Mario Kart has swept the world like the black plague and shows no signs of dieing off. Over the years, Nintendo has come out with 7 versions of the game making it one of the most successful video game series in history. Mario Kart was ranked the number one game in 2009 by the Guinness book of world records, gamers edition, but fell to 47th in 2010. The latest  Mario Kart released was in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii system. There was a large amount of hype surrounding the release of this game which is the main reason it was game of the year in 2009.


During the past few years first person shooter games have overpowered the typical video game. Expanding upon graphics and online multi-player capabilities, this style of game has swept the globe and has no signs of slowing down. Although, Mario Kart may not top the charts this year, it is known worldwide as the best racing game series ever.

Over the years, Nintendo incorporated new characters in every version they created. In 1992 the original Super Mario Kart had only 8 characters. Now, the most recent Mario Kart for the Nintendo Wii has 25 characters to choose from. There is a character for every type of player out there. The most amazing part about this game series is how no matter how many times you play, it feels like the first time every time. With the much anticipated release of the most recent Mario Kart, don't be surprised if you see it topping the charts again.

Plymouth State Pre-games Harder Than You Party!

As many of you may have heard, an emergency meeting was recently held to discuss students partying.  In attendance was the selectman, Plymouth State University officials and the police chief. I found this article. The article refers to how the Plymouth community is concerned about our "egregious" party habits. One person is quoted saying, "We need to do something. They're out of control on the streets." First off, you chose to live in a college sustained town. What did you think it would be like? Sunshine and buttercups? It is clearly going to be louder than town without 5,000 college students in it. I don't mean to sound disrespectful but you should expect some noise. Luckily, this video brings the noise! I was able to find some "egregious" behavior at PSU. Enjoy the video;).[youtube][/youtube]

NOW THAT'S SOME EGREGIOUS BEHAVIOR! Seriously though, how awesome did that party look? I bet everyone watching that video either, A) wishes they were there, B) wants to party, C) wants to mingle with the girls at :48-:52s mark or D) Finds that video to be extreme egregious behavior. Alright it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the answer is, clearly C. What happened to the reputation that Plymouth once had? Wait? It still exists. Just last year the university reclaimed it's spot in the top ten party schools in the country. THE COUNTRY PEOPLE! We placed with schools who have thousands of more students than us. The difference is, they embrace the fact that students will and want to party. It is part of what makes college such an extraordinary experience.

The bottom line is that partying is a huge factor when high school seniors are deciding what university to attend believe it or not. The university should be more concerned about how to keep students enrolled at Plymouth and how to attract new, potential talent instead of trying to bust every party on campus or having the university police patrol the streets dressed as students. Maybe the students wouldn't be on the streets so much if the university wasn't trying so hard to regulate. With the current economy how it is, college is already expensive and the cost of tuition is only going to increase. People WILL NOT COME HERE and pay that kind of money if students can't tie social life and education together. It's college people. Students are going to drink regardless of age. It is natural instinct, especially for teens to rebel against law and order when it is implemented. Especially, if you try to regulate something that is very important to the college experience. I'm sure Lou at the corner store would agree.

We are the single most important piece in making this town function.  We account for half of the population and allow the wheels to spin. By attending the university, working in their stores and pumping our money back into this town, without us, this town would be in a world of hurt. Don't get me wrong, I respect the community, university and the town of Plymouth. I personally love attending school here and absolutely love partying around here. The small town atmosphere adds to the environment when you go out on a Thursday, or Saturday. I'm not saying that actions such as those seen in the video are acceptable but boys will be boys, girls will be girls and college students will be college students. It is as simple as that. If the university takes drastic measures in trying to control the students, you will see students take action. The best method this school has of recruiting students are the current student themselves. It's this thing called word of mouth. I never would have known about Plymouth if I wasn't told. I heard great things about Plymouth, the education, location, athletics and most importantly, THE SOCIAL LIFE! If the community wants to regulate the students here you will see a decrease in enrolling students. People talk and influence decisions drastically.  There is a happy medium where both the students, university and community can be satisfied, we just need to find it.

Send me your PSU experience videos at I'll post you on my page. Thanks!