Ride the Lightning!!

Whipped lightning is the most recent alcoholic experiment that has been recently released in Florida. This past Monday, the popular drink Four Loco was banned from stores. Whipped lightning didn't take long to replace the trend. If it isn't bad enough that people use whipped cream cans to get a high we incorporated alcohol into the mix. It absolutely astonishes me that we allow products like Four Loco and Whipped lightning to released into the market for public use. Are there no regulations behind this? If they clear a product for public use wouldn't you think it would stay on the shelves for more than a few weeks if it were safe? If not, how and why was it cleared in the first place?


We all know stories of people doing whip hits out of the cans so why would some company incorporate alcohol into that equation? Has it really come to the point where we choose profit over the health and safety of our families and friends? I will be surprised if this product stays on the market longer than a month. Someone is either going to be killed or seriously injured due to this product it is just a matter of time. Doing a whip hit is bad enough imagine a 30 proof whip hit. We are making dangerous products readily available for basically anyone to consume. We need to start to be more responsible as a society and regulate bad ideas such as this.

Randy being Randy??...

As the majority of us know, Randy Moss was recently traded to the Vikings by the New England Patriots for a third round pick. After playing just four games Moss caught 14 balls for 174 yards and two touchdowns for the Vikings. In those four games the Vikings have gone 1-3 including a loss to the New England Patriots this past Sunday.

The past few years for Moss have seen many ups and downs. Since 2000 he has played for four different teams and is currently on the waiver list. Up until 2007, Moss was the modern day TO. He would find himself the center of attention with his crazy antics and bad boy attitude. Once he was signed by the Patriots in 2007, the biggest complaint we heard of moss was him wearing headphones at a fundraiser or thinking that the Patriots didn't appreciate his talent. Randy Moss is one of the most talented receivers to ever play this game. At 33 years old he still has the ability to stretch the field and force double coverage which opens up the running game and other passing options.

Randy has all the talent in the world and knows how to play the game but even he knows you are only as good as your coaches. Following the loss to his former team, Moss addressed the media and praised the New England Patriots players and most importantly their extraordinary coaching staff.


For anyone who watched the game vs the Patriots, many of us noticed the lack of hustle and desire from Moss that we saw during his years as a Patriot. When Moss joined the team in 2007, many people felt that he was on his way down. We picked him up real cheap but little did we know he would help lead Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to a super bowl.

Randy made a huge statement to his present and former team last Sunday. When Moss ran a fade route late in the game and gave up on an easy touchdown catch due to a pass interference call, you knew where his heart still was. It was with the New England Patriots players, fans and coaches. His press conference easily backed up his actions.