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  2. The main dashboard provides information across all of the modules including staffing, live tracking, incidents, crowd control, itineraries and alerts and more detailed information can be accessed at the click of a button. Live Tracking

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  16. Education of the United Kingdom
    The adult literacy rate in the UK is 99%. Government spending on education is 5.5% of GDP. The UK Education Index is 0.86 – formal education levels are high, secondary education is standard for most of the population; Higher education is highly available and widespread due to the fact that graduates are in economic demand, and in many of these countries higher education is also becoming a default option. People in the UK speak the English language.

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    In the UK around 1% of the population or 63,962,000 people speak English. 58,834,000 of the UK population call English their first language. 5,128,000 of the UK population use English as a foreign or second language.

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    Healthy weight loss is done by reducing fat & gaining muscle. It is result of healthy diet & fitness regime. Your metabolism plays significant role in your weight loss. Eat more proteins. Reduce carbs & fat.

    Commonly done tests for diabetes are blood sugar fasting & PP.
    HbA1c is another test for diabetes. It gives average sugar control of 3 months. This test can diagnose patients who are pre-diabetic.

    Diabetes is very common problem. Test for diabetes include blood sugar fasting & PP as well as HbA1c. These tests should be done every 3 months for known diabetes patients to monitor disease.

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