Plymouth State Pre-games Harder Than You Party!

As many of you may have heard, an emergency meeting was recently held to discuss students partying.  In attendance was the selectman, Plymouth State University officials and the police chief. I found this article. The article refers to how the Plymouth community is concerned about our "egregious" party habits. One person is quoted saying, "We need to do something. They're out of control on the streets." First off, you chose to live in a college sustained town. What did you think it would be like? Sunshine and buttercups? It is clearly going to be louder than town without 5,000 college students in it. I don't mean to sound disrespectful but you should expect some noise. Luckily, this video brings the noise! I was able to find some "egregious" behavior at PSU. Enjoy the video;).[youtube][/youtube]

NOW THAT'S SOME EGREGIOUS BEHAVIOR! Seriously though, how awesome did that party look? I bet everyone watching that video either, A) wishes they were there, B) wants to party, C) wants to mingle with the girls at :48-:52s mark or D) Finds that video to be extreme egregious behavior. Alright it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the answer is, clearly C. What happened to the reputation that Plymouth once had? Wait? It still exists. Just last year the university reclaimed it's spot in the top ten party schools in the country. THE COUNTRY PEOPLE! We placed with schools who have thousands of more students than us. The difference is, they embrace the fact that students will and want to party. It is part of what makes college such an extraordinary experience.

The bottom line is that partying is a huge factor when high school seniors are deciding what university to attend believe it or not. The university should be more concerned about how to keep students enrolled at Plymouth and how to attract new, potential talent instead of trying to bust every party on campus or having the university police patrol the streets dressed as students. Maybe the students wouldn't be on the streets so much if the university wasn't trying so hard to regulate. With the current economy how it is, college is already expensive and the cost of tuition is only going to increase. People WILL NOT COME HERE and pay that kind of money if students can't tie social life and education together. It's college people. Students are going to drink regardless of age. It is natural instinct, especially for teens to rebel against law and order when it is implemented. Especially, if you try to regulate something that is very important to the college experience. I'm sure Lou at the corner store would agree.

We are the single most important piece in making this town function.  We account for half of the population and allow the wheels to spin. By attending the university, working in their stores and pumping our money back into this town, without us, this town would be in a world of hurt. Don't get me wrong, I respect the community, university and the town of Plymouth. I personally love attending school here and absolutely love partying around here. The small town atmosphere adds to the environment when you go out on a Thursday, or Saturday. I'm not saying that actions such as those seen in the video are acceptable but boys will be boys, girls will be girls and college students will be college students. It is as simple as that. If the university takes drastic measures in trying to control the students, you will see students take action. The best method this school has of recruiting students are the current student themselves. It's this thing called word of mouth. I never would have known about Plymouth if I wasn't told. I heard great things about Plymouth, the education, location, athletics and most importantly, THE SOCIAL LIFE! If the community wants to regulate the students here you will see a decrease in enrolling students. People talk and influence decisions drastically.  There is a happy medium where both the students, university and community can be satisfied, we just need to find it.

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